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Yachts and ships


An extensive range of adhesives, sealants and 3M tapes can use them in many applications - no matter if you are trying to join external or internal elements. Special adhesive materials may be used for mounting panels on walls, floors and ceilings. The use of adhesive material reduces weight, noise and vibration. 3M adhesives and sealants also allow you to achieve the perfect look without finishing that is required for welding.


Jointing elements of the panels and their installation using 3M VHB acrylic tape.

Installation of neoprene inserts, whose task is to reduce friction and scratching. For this purpose, the 3M adhesive film can be used.

Noise reduction with polyurethane Poron sealants with 3M adhesive allow you to absorb vibration and noise.

3M 468MP and 3M 467MP adhesive films are used to attach information or decorative plates made of polyester or polycarbonate. For example the yacht cockpit.

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