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WEEE/RoHS labels

WEEE - RoHS - UL. - CSA - CE


All equipment must be marked with the crossed-out trash can, meaning that the used product can not hit the municipal waste system.

Identification labels WEEE (Directive on waste electrical and electronic equipment) and products that ensure compliance with the RoHS Directive (concerning the Restriction of Hazardous Substances). Products are offered in sheets or rolls, in standard sizes or made to order according to customer specifications.


Affixed is a manufacturer's declaration that the labeled product complies with the directives so. "New Approach" European Union (EU). 

These directives apply to issues related to the safety of use, health and environmental hazards determine that the manufacturer should detect and eliminate. Manufacturer who marks his product with the CE mark declares that this product complies with all provisions relating to the directives.

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