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Printing, labeling


Through our company you can also order products such but not limited to: TTR label printers, automatic printing and labeling, and many others.


The main function of thermal transfer printers is to print graphics, bar codes and other variable information (such as batch number, date and time) on adhesive labels. Our experience and innovation allows us to offer you devices that are characterized by high efficiency, durability and quality. Label printers and barcode printers available in our offer are tailored to the various needs of your company.


This is an external device for winding the role of self-adhesive labels. Constructed of steel, mounted on a solid base - provides a very stable connection to the printer. Two models are available RWR-SX, where the maximum label width is 140mm and RWR-LX, where the maximum label width is 230mm. Adjustable clamps allow you to wind the labels on the tubes with diameters from 40mm to 110mm and wind labels to the roll with a diameter up to 300mm. Innovative speed control system using the clutch allows you to adjust to any speed printer. Acoustic signal informs about winding the role of labels or the ribbon break.


DWR is the industrial unit for semi-automatic label application. Made of stainless, easy to use and suitable for two label width: up to 100mm and up to 200mm. Adjustable clamps allow you to apply the role of labels with different widths from 40mm to 110mm and a diameter of up to 300mm.

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