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Front panels for devices are ones of the most important items of equipment manufactured by our company. They are usually where the user comes into contact with the device and are therefore are the key to the positive perception of aesthetics, functionality and quality of the device.


Our customer service will work closely with you and our design department will ensure that you get exactly what you expect. 

We use the best of GE Lexan polycarbonate in combination with appropriate adhesives 3M. The result is a front panels to devices which are among the best components available on the market today.

Our front panels are made in color, shape and openings ideally suited to the chassis of your device. They may also have a transparent window for example to protect the LCD screen, or shield LEDs so as to increase the aesthetics of the device. Due to material and manufacturing technology faceplates made ​​by our company are also:

  • extremely resistant to mechanical damage,,
  • resistant to UV radiation,
  • resistant to moisture,
  • resistant to various chemicals.

Depending on the type of machine material may also be an electrical insulator (or thermal) or have a high temperature resistance (up to 120 C).


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