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EMI / EMC solutions

EMI / EMC Shielding & Gaskets

The increasing level of integration of components and complexity of electronic systems makes the electronics more sensible to electrostatic discharge and electromagnetic field disturbances.


Highly conductive fabrics based on nickel, copper and silver plated polyester or nylon wrapped on polyurethane foam core. Available in a large number of shapes, including a rectangular type, D-shaped gasket or the low contact pressure (bend) in the shape of the letter C. Gaskets offer excellent EMI suppression forces at low pressure and excellent wear resistance in applications with a large number of cycles of friction. Seals meet UL94V-0 and are available as segments cut to length or die cut parts.


Available in form of conductie films with adhesive. They are effective as shielding materials on a permanent basis, as well as for temporary ad hoc basis and EMC testing. May be provided as rolls in various widths. The tape can be cut into any shapes, depending on the particular application.


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