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Electronic industry is very demanding, that is why high quality of component is essential. PAKOM fulfills all quality demands. Our knowledge and experience allow us to improve production processes by the use of tapes and adhesives. The use of modern adhesive technology also has an impact on the reduction of costs.


3M DUAL LOCK system may be used for attaching electronic components that have to be attached and detached very often.


Warranty seal films are special type of label films which leave mark, both on films and surface where the label was adhered to, after removal. There are two patterns available - "VOID" text or "TRIANGLES".


High temperature resistant labels (up to 300°C) allow for identification of PCB during whole production process. We offer polyimide labels that may be used in harsh conditions, high temperatures (i.e. during wave soldering process) and are also resistant to highly corrosive chemicals. Polyimide (PI) is thermoplastic material that is used in manufacture of barcode labels because it can withstand high temperature during PCB production without shrinking or melting. Therefore it provides a solid basis for surface print, allowing you to meet the requirements of the standards of print quality barcode.


Thermotransfer printable foils 3M 7871EC and 7872EC are used in harsh conditions for barcode identification of equipment. They use 3M 350E adhesive backing thus perfectly adhere to the both low and high energy surfaces (plastic, metal, traditionally painted surfaces or powder painted ones).

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