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Automotive and Transportation


High performance adhesive products for both indoor and outdoor vehicle applications. A wide range of internal automotive additives requires a connection of individual components and their permanent attachment to the vehicle. Our product range meets the high demands of adhesive tapes used in a large number of applications. 


Automotive industry puts a significant emphasis on increasing comfort and luxury in vehicles by mounting electronic devices on an increasing scale. This means more and more complex wire harnesses need to be used. We offer the solutions for protection and fixing of wires and cables.


No matter of vehicle type, whenever it is a car, train or tram aesthetic cockpit is very important. Thanks to our products your device gets unique character and at the same time increases its functionality. The innovative marking and securing with laser technology. Pakom's laser markable labels are durable and resistant to chemicals, solvents, high temperature and all atmospheric conditions.


Pakom offers various die cuts, which are designed to meet the high quality demands of masking process in a competitive and economic way.


The assembly of various components is important in the production process. To suit all production needs of our customers Pakom deliver its products both in rolls and precise die cuts on sheets or reels for automatic production.

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